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In 1879 the Denniston Incline was built to move coal from Denniston down 1.700 feet to Conn's Creek. 14 wagons of coal per hour at 12 tons each speed along at 80kph down the 1 in 1.69. Incline. The Denniston mining community of over 1500 people had only one way to get from Denniston down to Conn's Creek and back, ride the 1,700 feet in the coal wagons. A lot of food and house hold good never made the dangerous journey up to Denniston as well as people. When the new 5km bridle track was opened in 1858 was forbidden ride the coal wagons. In 1967 the drop in coal sales and the expensive repair work needed to keep the Denniston incline operating. After moving 12 million tons down the Denniston incline it was decided to close it down and use trucks to move the coal down the new Denniston road.